Lessening My Anxiety

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This week was not that great to be honest, my body was not having it. I was exhausted most the week even after getting some sleep. A little back story, I have been lacking sleep for so many years that body can never caught up. With PTSD it makes it hard to get good rest at all except my naps, it’s an annoying cycling. So for most the week I listened to my body and chilled with Netflix.

Between the Anxiety, PTSD, and Fibromyalgia my sleep pattern is treble but as long as I listen to my body and work when I can, it usually works for me.

My anxiety must be pretty high this week because I was twitching nonstop and bigger, which was more than usual. I tend to twitch more when I have a flare up in my neck or back but this week it was extra. The key to lessen the twitching is to lessen the stress and maybe my caffeine (insert sad face here). Another thing I need to do is take less naps, which I have been doing but I am still resting a lot. It is very hard to not rest when: your body hurts, your brain can’t focus, and you are tired. With that said, we still move forward!!

At least this week I moved my sewing crate next to my sewing machine and took out 3 masks to finish but that was as far as I got. I have been just staring at them for days not able to sit down and sew them. Tomorrow is a new day, right?!?! Something I learned many years ago was to start each day new. There were some days that I barely made it to bedtime with 3 kids with special needs. But they are the main reason I am a stay/work at home mom. A mom’s job it never done, Right?!?!?

Back to getting on track, I have set up a virtual craft fair until mid December. I am not sure what it will look like but I want to be able to reach my customer this season. Like I said in my last post, I am missing my craft fairs so much. I was looking forward to doing several of those fairs again this year. I always love seeing people I saw the year before and building a relationship.

Let’s normalize mental health and talk about it openly.

I would like to add that writing these post has helped me understand my anxiety better and normalize it. I feel like it is important to share my feelings with the world to help others.

Who couldn’t use a spa day at home!!

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