Natural Dying with Morning Glories

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Natural Dying with Morning GloryFlowers

I have these amazing purple morning glories growing in my veggie garden, not sure how they got there but love them either way. So it was raining one day and I noticed the dye dripping off them, see picture, so I thought Why not dye a piece of fabric.

Morning all. How pretty is the water on this morning glory. #rain #morningglory #purple

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First I found a scrap piece of fabric to try it on, I only used hot water and the results were pretty light. After thinking about it I realized I needed more flowers and it needed to sit longer. The second time I put more flowers in the piece of the wet fabric, and rolled it up. Then I put it in vinegar for 2 days and it was much better, see photos.

As you can see it is much better, next time I think I might boil them to see if that makes it even darker. I love natural dying but have never had good luck but I love learning and trying new things. Even better the flowers were free, vinegar is cheap in bulk, and the fabric was a remnant muslin, which is not too expensive.

I have a pinterest that has both tye dying and natural dying info.


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