I finally got a new cell phone

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I finally got a new Cell Phone(1).png

That’s right I got a new phone after 4 years or more, not to mention my phone was spider cracked for the last 2 year lol. This last week it stop handling a charge most of the day and it was not wanting charge all the way up. I think the hot weather was too much for it and it is just plain old. I am sad I did love that phone, it was a HTC One!, my mom just got one for like $100 on Amazon. She is new to smart phone so we decided that this phone was good enough to learn on. I really hate that there are monthly fees for phones now if you can’t buy them out right. Let’s be honestly who can afford a $700 to $900 phone, not me. But they lowered my bill because we were on such an old plan, so I am not spending that much more for the new phone and insurance. I never had insurance before but with the cost of phone and they don’t give you a new one every couple years to renew your contract, I thought I should get it. Now I would be stuck with a broke phone for 2 years, lol.

You want to know what kind of phone I got??

Drum Roll Please!!!

I got a Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus (fancy right?) with a cool case with glitter inside it (it moves like a sensory bottle. I usually don’t buy cases either but I guess you have to spend a little to save and take new items. I can’t say how much I love the smoothness of the screen, LOL, I can’t put it down.

Okay, I just want to share my new toy and hopefully it will help my be more productive (my old phone loaded for never).

Ps the kids at the ATT store in Greenfield, MA was the best.


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