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Analina Rag Dolls Pinning Challenge Group Board

Okay folk, I was in a group board last month and I felt a little left out among all the big time bloggers. For a couple reasons, one being I don’t feel like that is my niche. Two, I felt like there wasn’t a lot of sharing happening, everyone was pinning to the group but not sharing. Now I am not sure if that is what these groups are for or not. It was my first group experience. With that said I want to make a group that is more fair and sharing based. So my group is called “Pinning Challenge Group Board”, I think it’s just as important to pin to your profile as it is to the group. Basically you can joining from any niche, any blogging level, or any amount of followers you have. I really want this to be fun not stressful, so for every one pin you pin to the group you need to share one, any one (except your own of course). You can also share other pins as long as you pin someone Else’s pin. I opened it to all bloggers because I know I pin a variety of pins daily. The group I was in before only had one focus which was not all I wanted to share all the time.


According to many other bloggers (the big time bloggers), Group boards is one of the best ways to get your pins shared. I search on Pinterest for Pinterest group boards tips but was overwhelmed with all the post about what groups to join, as a blogger. So with a lack of open ended group boards I thought I would fill a need, plus I love to learn about all kinds of topics. I also know as a blogger and business owner I pin more than blog post such as youtube, esty, and affiliate link, so I would like you to feel free to pin those also. Pinterest is more a search engine than a social media platform these days (one of the myth on the linked blog post), so there is lot of searching happening all the time. Plus the more your pin is pinned the higher it is on the search results.

I know as a new group it may take a while to get the group off the ground but I know once there are enough members it will be great. Of course the more people in the group the more repins you will get, so please invite other blogger to join. Newbies are very much welcome and free to learn as you go. We were all begins once, right?!?!?

I have never created a group board, nor ran one so I will be learning as I go but if we all are nice and mature it should go fine. So if you want to join leave your email address or user name for me. You can message me on Pinterest, Facebook, or leave the comment below.


4 responses to “Pinning Challenge Group Board

  1. I am just learning Pinterest myself so I have no idea where to send you a message on Pinterest LOL! If you’d like to add me, I would love to try this. My email address is and my Pinterest handle is @ducksrow.
    So glad you came to our party! Hope to see you at Wonderful Wednesday again next week!
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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