Black Friday Mermaid Tale Blanket Sale

This year I am having a Black Friday Sale with 18 inch Mermaid Tale Blankets. They will be marked down the more you buy and Shipping is included in all prices. This sale is only goes to the 30th of Nov but there is another sale listed below the photo (you are all the first to know).

Event link –

Analina Rag Dolls black friday mermaid tale sale

Here is a preview of some of the tales available, they can so be custom order is most colors (excluding Licensed Fleece for custom orders, I do have some ready to make that are on sale). I will be offering a Free doll tale with the purchase of a Child size mermaid tale blanket plus FREE Standard USA Shipping (ending Dec. 15th 2016).

All orders will be shipped out with in a week of the event and all custom orders will be shipped by Dec 15th at the latest (that is only if I have a lot of orders). The best way to contact me is on Facebook at @analinaragdolls


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