Sensory Glitter Calm down Bottles

I got this post from Autistic and More which is my site also, I have 2 boys both with Autism and Bipolar (8 and 17). I made these a couple years ago and they have gone missing so I am going to make some more and different kind (which I will share next week as I make them).

You will need:

A Bottle

A Bottle of Glitter Glue

Glitter, both fine and regular

Hot Water (not boiling)

Glue for the cap

I found these water bottles at the store and loved their design. I removed all the labels. But you can use any kind of bottle you want, yes I was even brave enough to make one from glass today (which I will blog about next week).


I add a bottle (they are small bottles) of glitter glue to each bottle from the Dollar Tree.


I poured the hot water into each bottle about half way to mix the glitter glue and water better, it did cause a lot of bubble and made it hard to fill at the end.


I add a bottle of glitter and 2 to 3 packs of the fine glitter to each. Again these are from the dollar tree.


Then I filled the rest of the bottle with the hot water and Glued the cap on. Make sure the cap is really on there or you will have a mess. Another tip is my daughter through her’s and the cap broke, it didn’t open but it had sharp edges. I was able to tape over to prevent she from getting hurt.


The results are the red one is settling fast, the purple the next fastest, and the green is not settling at all. I am not sure why because they all have the same glitter in it.


I am working on more bottles this week for my Neno because he is having really bad anxiety and emotional regression issue, so I want to calm him down. I am thinking different bottles this time with themes. I just made a treasure hunt one with sand, glitter, and treasure. I have stuff for snow themed, letters, galaxy, and ocean themed.


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