Meet Neveah and Charlie Twin Analina Handmade Rag Dolls SOLD

These dolls have been sold as of 11-30-17

This is Neveah and Charlie, they are 16 inch handmade rag doll twins almost exactly the same except the hair is a little different and of course their outfits. They are made from a pair of denim jeans that wear only worn once. They both has brown eyes and rainbow colored hair to make it easier to match more clothes.

Neveah has an apron that is minty green with spots, a sky and sun patterned dress, and pink bloomers. Her feet are teal corduroy, as is Charlie’s. Charlie has orange overalls and a shirt that matches Neveah’s dress. I thought Charlie could be either a boy or girl name, I did see a cute little girl at the park the other day with at name (light bulb moment LOL). Neveah is a girl though, I didn’t put a bow on her because I wanted them to be interchangeable but if you want bows in either or both just ask and I will add them on (no extra charge).

They are $60 for the Set or $30 a piece plus shipping.

I will also make more clothing for them if you would like for $5 a piece. I do offer discounts for the more you order, such as 1 more outfit for each would be $20 for 5 piece not $25. These can be ordered at a later date too, just message me and tell you want to order more 16 inch doll clothes.



Here is their Youtube Video Demo


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