June (dress) Sew-a-long Violette Field Threads

So the sew-a-long for June the Dress has started, the link to the dress is here (affiliated link). The link to the Violette Field Threads Blog is here. I love sew-a-long, not only do you get to sew at a slow pace with a group but there is a prize for the best dress. This is the first time I am making June so I am excited to see how it turns out. I love the back details of this dress and looking great for Hot summer days.

Here are the Daily Goals.


I will add my progress daily as I Sew-a-long

Day #1 – I picked a Paris themed fabric


Day #2 Pieces Cut!!


Day #3 – I finished the bodice


Day #4 – I finished the Pockets Panels


Day #5 – I finish the Dress and it’s too big (so in the closet it goes until next year).


I am off to make a size 6 this time, the 7 was a lot to big, even measuring her and follow the instructions.


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