Working at home with a family

So today was the last day of school for all my kids and the real beginning for summer for our house. Now to balance working at home and having the kids around 24X7, now that they are older and not as easily entertained. Nana really needs a lot of attention these days, she will not play alone and whines about everything. Hopefully it’s a phase and she matures a little this summer or she will be in a lot of time outs. On the plus side I don’t need to wake up so early, now to see if my body listen (my internal alarm is set for 6:30am no matter what). Maybe more sleep will help my monsters attitudes.

My main mission this summer is to make Nana some new clothes for summer and fall because she grew out of a lot of her shorts and pants from last year. She also grew out of most of her swim suits and I just bought 4 new patterns (happy dance). Maybe some undies too, I went to the store yesterday and never realized how expensive they are. Besides sewing for Nana I have many dolls to finish up.

I was able to clean up most of my sewing room and organized all my fabric, which took me many many hours to iron out. Plus I need to make 9 more items from my stash for my #stashchallenge2016. With that said I hope to make all Nana’s summer clothes from my stash, I have some great floral prints to use. As far as the dolls I have most already cut and ready to sew to together. I love to pick out fabric and cut out patterns but sometimes I get too carried away. At my last count I had 30 dolls in various stages but I really need to finish them. Wish me luck with these kids around, yes they are already fighting right next to me as I type (LOL).

So I am thinking that I need to make a to do list and tape it the computer. I will write one this week and up date this post once I am done.

Summer Nana Clothes to do list:

3-4 Swim suits

4 Short

3 Crop tops

2-3 Maxi Dresses

2 Rompers

4 Tops

4 Dresses

Fall list coming soon!!



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