After the #craftfair

Sorry it took so long to post about the Craft fair and how it went, but I got busy with family and holiday stuff.

The craft fair was okay I had hoped to have sold more (of course that’s everyone’s goal to sell out). The only problem I had at this craft fair was that there was a lack of girls in this town, so many people told us they wish they had a little girl because our stuff is great. I love getting all the positive feedback but without sales it’s how to know if it was the truth or not. Bonus a couple people had remembered seeing my name on my car and on facebook, so I know people are seeing it.

I was most worried about setting up and taking it down but it was definitely much easier after practicing twice before the date. Practicing putting up the tent helped a great deal and picking table placements (to make the most out of the space), so here’s what I finally decided on.


I also decided after setting up and sitting for a while that my dresses and tops were not be seen, so I hung them all around the tent. I sold 3 of them after that, so it was a good idea. Also almost everyone that walked by stopped and looked at the few I had put in the front of the tent. In the end we sold 2 dresses, 1 romper, 1 doll, and 1 bow, which was not bad for such a small craft fair. Most of all I enjoyed the learning experience for next time because that was my first and my mom hadn’t done one in YEARS. I will say all the research and looking for ideas really helped because our tent looked the most boutique like (which is what I wanted to do).

Now to find some more local craft fair to get more contacts and sales.


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