Final Count Down for #craftfair

Wow I can’t believe I only have a couple days left to finish up everything. I can’t wait for Saturday, I am hoping to make some new contacts or fans to make my sales higher. I love making things but if they don’t sell what’s the point, Right?!?! Just saying, home businesses are not easy and take a great deal for time and energy to make them successful.


My check list from last week:

Make a table clothes – Done

Get some wooden crates – Done

I need a clothes rack – Done

Hair clip display – Done

Business Cards – Done

Price cards – Done

Item Cards – Done

Order Forms – Done

Practice Setting up in the yard – Done

Shelve (maybe) – Done

Wash with care slips – Done

Repair kit –

Change and paypal here (credit card) – I have my paypal here but I need change

Chalk board sign – I have a white board to use instead

Canopy (maybe) – Done

So we decided to get a canopy, we found one at Walmart for $90 and it was worth it. It doesn’t go up on 3 minutes like the instructions say but with practice I was able to get it up in 15 minutes. My mom and I were not going to get one but I was worried about the sun fading everything, then last weekend we practice setting up and I noticed bird poop on the tent. That made it worth it!!!.

So tomorrow I will be ironing and finishing up cleaning everything and fitting everything in the car so we can leave by 7 am Saturday. Now if I can make a little bit on money to paid for all the stuff we need to have a nice display. Thank goodness I was able to make and reuse a lot of items I already had (upcycling).

Here are a few Practice photos for the last 2 weeks


What do you think?? I love the homey look with the baby quilts, which are my kids quilts. I really love the pink chair with the bear and blanket over it. I was trying for a boutique look, if I have more money to spend there was so much more I wanted to do (LOL).

Today I am still going to sew as much as I can, right now I have a Chicken almost done then maybe another one to sit on the tables. Whether they sell or not they are the cutest things. I have 2 more rompers to sew but they are so time consuming so I am probably not going to finish them in time. I need a couple more necklaces to fit on my necklace holder so its not so empty. Tomorrow I am done sewing for a few days, its been a lot of work the last 2 weeks and not one doll done either. Too bad they take about 10 hours to make or I would make a ton more (which I have cut out already).

Wish me luck this weekend. And stay tuned for my recap with photos on Monday!!



2 responses to “Final Count Down for #craftfair

    • thanks so much, I did okay sold a couple things but there as a lack of girls in the town I was in. Everyone loved my stuff, so lots of positive feedback. I did learn a lot and my display looked the best there :).

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