Count Down to the #craftfair

So I am doing my first craft fair ever next month, I am still working hard on getting the basics down of what I need (besides the product). Funny thing is to have a GREAT booth you need a lot of stuff, not just the product you are selling. If I am remembering correctly my mom didn’t have to do so much for her craft fairs back in the 80’s, just your product and a table. Now your area has to be like a little store to attracted more people, since this is my first craft fair I am not expecting a lot, plus its a local (small town) event.

I did read a formula to know what expect to sell based on the event fee, it goes something like this my fee is $30 times 10, which is $300. This also stated that you should bring double that so you have enough product on hand. I do have way more than $600 in product on hand but I lack variety so I am trying to get some small items to sell because my rag dolls are on the higher end (ranging from $35 to $75). I have also been told that the dresses and clothes I make are amazing, so I have been trying to have a few more of those pieces too. I really don’t want to have too much and get to overwhelming/distracting.

So at this point I have:

analina rag dolls

raggedy ann dolls

head bands

hair clips


doll clothes


marble necklaces



infant clothes

I also have one teddy bear that I might bring but I would like to have a couple more, so it’s not out of place.

Now that I know what I am bringing, I need to decide how I am going to display it. I love the idea of a small boutique look but that can get expensive, I would like to make money not spend it (LOL). We do have 2 tables already, I made a sign, and I have some upcycled items to make in to a display. But my to do list is still pretty long.

To do list:

Make a table clothes

Get some wooden crates

I need a clothes rack

Hair clip display

Business Cards

Price cards

Item Cards

Order Forms

Practice Setting up in the yard

Shelve (maybe)

Wash with care slips

Repair kit

Change and paypal here (credit card)

Chalk board sign

Canopy (maybe)

I think that’s it, I have already done a lot of reading and looking at other booths to get ideas. I love to reuse item, not only can it be cheaper but it’s cuter.

So if anyone has any more ideas, tips, tricks, or helpful thoughts, you can tag me on Twitter or comment here.




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