Getting ready for a Craft Fair

Okay I have been invited to a craft fair in May, so I am going to start preparing now. I am not sure how much I need to have on stock but I am thinking that I need a variety of prices. I have a few dolls, dresses, ponchos, and smaller items but my mom saying its not enough. So I guess its my mission to get a bunch more stuff made this month.

Here are a few of the item I am thinking about making:

Binkie Clips – $8 Shipped (blinkie not included)


I have a ton of bows that need to be finished, so I will make hair clips and headbands. $4 or $5 each or 3 for $10 shipped.


Marble Necklace – $12 shipped

I learn this many years ago but here is a link to a tutorial (here) I changed it a bit as you will see but the basic idea is there.


I have a things I want to make that are new to me. They are on my Scrap Project Board.


Also Bibs are some things I do make already but need more, here are some cute one (here)


Who has some more ideas that are small and easy?



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