Violette Field Thread Sew-a-long Haven

(VFT) Violette Field Thread is hosting a sew-a-long this week for their haven pattern, which has 3 different options. Of course I need to participate, haven is one of my favorites, I made 3 last year alone. I will been making a princess one, probably the pantaloons style (if I have enough fabric). If you want to join in go to VFT facebook Group and buy Haven (affiliated link).


You might think a sew-a-long is hard but the steps are super easy and slow. I love to see everyone’s work as we go, it’s like one big party. I will update this post each day of the sew-a-long with my progress.

Day -1 My Fabric


Day #2 – cutting, iron, and making the bodice


Day #3 shorts Done


Day #6 Straps and Waist band


Day #7 Finish it up


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