Organizing and Cleaning up scraps

I have a real scrap problem, I obsessively save all pieces of fabric in case I need them. This is what my mess looks like now.


After day 2 I haven’t really made any progress in that mess but I am cutting and sewing as I go. I have made a couple marble necklaces, flowers, and bows. I have also cut out some doll piece to make a scrap happy doll, all different colors. I really need some bins wit lids so I can stack them and still see the colors, I will need one bin for each color. Yes I know it seems nuts to keep it all but I love scrap projects, not to mention my doll hair is fabric pieces.

Here is one of the Necklaces I made, the other will be given away. This one is $12 Shipped.


Stay tuned for my item for Sale!!!



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