Nana X-mas Present and My first time sewing a Knit, which I hated!!!

I had this pretty piece of knit that is so soft, I love it but was scared to sew it and for good reason. It is not easy to sew a knit. I think I did good except the edging I let it because I tried to sew it and it did not work, so I had to cut it. I looked up tips but none were really helpful except one blog said to leave the edge raw, so I did. She wont know it, and is still looks cute!! Hopefully it washes okay.

Here is Nana modeling it, which she thinks is some other little girls outfit.


I love the big sash in the back


The Flower is pretty But not sure if it goes, I have it pinned on so I can change it. I also do the pinning in case I need to wash the sash, fabric flowers dont wash well.


I think she will be happy when she sees it, I had to force her to take it off.


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