Peasant Dress for Fall to Match a Hello Kitty Dress from Summer

This is a great way to make a Summer dress last longer, make a peasant dress with a simple pattern to match more than one outfit. I made this Peasant Dress/shirt to go under her hello kitty dress I made for Easter. It is so much cute this way, I cant wait to have her wear it but not tomorrow she has a field trip to pick apples. This piece of fabric was from Walmart end of bolt box for $3.20 and it said it was only a yard, it was more (making it a better deal). I used the McCall’s M6530 and the other dress was McCall’s M6387. I did make the peasant dress longer than the pattern called for so the ruffle would be right under the other dress, because the pattern had it about 3 inches shorter, it wouldn’t look right.

Updated 8-2016 and she still has the those piece and wears them around the house. I love when clothes last years not just months.






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