Sewer’s problem My fabric Stockpile is TOO big

I thought I would organize all the fabric I have, so I piled it on the couch and soon realized I lost the couch and have TOO much fabric. I really need to start to sew more, AH AH I am already sewing 5 days a week making something or other. Now keep in mind this doesn’t include what I have cut out or my Fleece Stockpile which fills a hatch. How does someone end up with so much. I know I love to buy remnants, yes 75% are remnants, who can beat 50% of the price including if its on sale.

Updated on 8-11-2016 I am amazed I have even more fabric today but I have really slowed down buying fabric. I have been trying to use what I got and not buy anything unless it is needed, I know that’s funny. I love a deal!! I have been trashing (more like giving my daughter) all the poor quility fabric to use, yes some of my older fabric is gross and stiff (newer fabric is so much nicer).

I would love to see your stock pile!!



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